Muhammad Intesar Uddin

Mr. Mohammad Intesar Uddin is the Founder & CEO of Bulls & Bulls (Pvt.) Limited. As an entrepreneur, Intesar established Bulls & Bulls Pvt. Limited to fill in the gap in business efficiency by providing corporate solutions for Marketing, Direct Sales and Brand Activations. Intesar has over 20 years of dynamic progressive experience in Management & Marketing for Banking, Telecom and Financial sector. Intesar holds an MBA degree with Marketing Majors and Certified Marketing Professional from London Business School.

He is the Former Commercial Adviser of UAE Government in Pakistan. He has introduced the first ever Commercial Department of UAE in the world, was established in Karachi Pakistan in November 2010 under his supervision.Through his concerted team efforts and visionary leadership, Intesar turned around the UAE-Pakistan trade relations and today UAE is the second largest investor in Pakistan As Commercial Adviser, he was looking after the UAE business development, marketing trade opportunities, providing in-depth consultancy and advocacy while safeguarding the interest of the UAE companies in Pakistan.


Global Investment Forum 2012 – Dubai, PAK UAE CEO Forum 2011- Karachi, Magnificent 7 – UAE EXPO 2011-Karachi; the first ever single country exhibition, were among the. many firsts of Intesar in his current role. Intesar’s efforts are highly appreciated by the UAE Ministry of Foreign affairs & Foreign Trade to convert the “Ministry’s Vision into a Reality”.


Prior to joining UAE Consulate, Intesar was the Country Head of Sales Distribution for Standard Chartered Bank. He successfully completed the seamless integration and acquisition of Union Bank by Standard Chartered Bank within 6 record months. In this new restructuring, he reorganized the sales channel leading to the formation of sales subsidiary of SCB by the name of Price Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Intesar was appointed as the Founding CEO of Price Solution and under his strong leadership, 5000 countrywide employees formed a modern distribution channel .

Under his leadership, SCB employees’ productivity increased by 60%, enabling SCB to become the top foreign bank in Pakistan.

Earlier Intesar spent his most valuable 13 years with the telecom sector. He successfully launched active cellular franchise business and made it a success story. Intesar worked as the Director- Commercial with Telenor Pakistan.

Under his Directorship, he restructured Telenor to be one of the major telecom market shareholders in Pakistan. His innovative distribution and marketing skills helped Pakistan gaining the highest mobile density in the world. He was a key member of the pioneering team of Instaphone which was the first cellular company in Pakistan. He also held key positions in Paktel and played an effective role in restructuring the organization for the arrival of GSM technology.

Intesar is a passionate golfer, a professional hunter and possesses a special heart for suffering humanity. His efforts during tough times in Pakistan, mobilized massive resources to Pakistanis in need through his personal resources.

M. Intesar Uddin